Frank the Fireman

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Frank the FIREMAN is ready to put your fire out !

FRANK the FIREMAN is a Designer, Teddy Bear
designed for Balmoral Bears by a TEDDY BEAR, ARTIST
a Collectable, Teddy Bear, Fireman

Frank is dressed in gold pants, NAVY JACKET with METAL BUTTONS

carrying his FIRE HOSE ready for Action !

he is a full fur bear under his clothes

this BEAR is crafted with attention to detail
from ANTIQUE-look fur with glass eyes and stitched nose

a traditional, FULLY JOINTED, teddy bear: his arms, legs and head move

the TEDDY is 35cm ( 14 inches ) high

just one of Balmoral Bears, Collectable, Designer, Teddy Bears

TEDDY BEAR Collectors, Bear Lovers or any little BOY would love this FIREMAN

he would be a wonderful GIFT for any FIRE FIGHTER !

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